Wednesday, October 18, 2006 

Status of Current

It’s been overwhelming and crazy….

Giving that I was spending my last few weeks of my work assignment in Jeddah, I had to finish everything pending…everything had to be done perfectly…must leave with a super good impression. I believe I’ve managed to do all that, but…it had to come at the expense of something…that something happened to be my personal life…now you know why my blog has been covered with dust for over a month…

I’ve already moved to Khobar, not settled yet though (I’m writing this post from my hotel room now). I will share in another post (no really, I promise, I will) how it feels, after nearly 3 years, to be back to where I’ve grown up.

It felt sad to leave…period. I filled a big box, given to me, with files, documents and souvenirs and left my workstation neat, clean and empty for my successor.

I stepped in my car consumed with memories while recalling the times spent and the people met over the past 3 years and then WHAT THE HELL! (Memories tape paused) the next thing is: “a36eeni 5 riyal!” (I need 5 riyal).

Don’t you love Jeddah overly social beggars?

No, but really, I am saddened to have left Jeddah. I must admit that I felt I fit in, in Jeddah, more than anywhere else in Saudi. Probably it is the fact that Jeddah people are relatively less fanatic about expired traditions while the very same traditions are excessively praised elsewhere in Saudi.

(um…it just occurred to me I should have had this post in Jeddah blog)

On a completely separate note, I’ve recently finished reading Al-2a’5roon (see currently reading). This is novel # 1,679 that I’ve finished reading and it only took me 47 minute and 33 seconds to finish and check me out people I read…. (Sounds familiar? Go figure who…)

No really, Al-2a’5roon was OK, not very good but OK. I suppose the name is referring to some marginalized groups of people living among that we often skip (e.g. Shiite) or worse, deny existence (e.g. homosexuals). I don’t want to ruin it for those planning on reading it, but it’s revolves around the life of a lesbian Shiite girl in Eastern Saudi. Now, if you’re interested in more details, go get it.

Now I must go chase the real estate agent to get my new house keys.