Tuesday, August 29, 2006 

While Traveling…

Ever since I left Boston few weeks ago, I thought I’ll go back home, settle and get ready for my move from Jeddah to Khobar. Boy, wasn’t I wrong? The 1st week after my return to Jeddah, I was asked to attend some workshop in Istanbul and it was my 1st time there. Here are few thoughts about Turkey:

  • If anyone of you finds the real Viagra useless, you may want to try the Turkish innovation to maintain a firm erection.

  • If you’re into history, I bet you Istanbul will satisfy you. The historical sites I have been to were just breath taking. Remember all the stuff we read in school history class? The Ottomans, Kamal Ataturk…etc etc

  • Would you have a sore neck if you want to know what time it is? Of course not, except when you have the clock on the ceiling of a god knows how many story building. No offence, but I thought that was stupid. My neck did hurt me while trying to figure out what time it was.

  • I used to think Jeddah is cursed with trafic jams. I have second thoughts now having been to Istanbul.

A night in Dubai:

Few days after leaving Istanbul to Jeddah, I, again, flew from Jeddah to Khobar to get to know my new team and colleagues at work. The next thing I get was a call from my boss asking me to fly to Dubai to attend a meeting with some executive visiting the region for a couple of days. Being squeezed on time, I only managed to find a booking on Gulf Air from Bahrain. So, I drove to Bahrain airport, which alone took 2 hours. I reached the airport, checked in and got my boarding pass, which said “Boarding Time: 20:15”. Everything went fine except that boarding time was 23:15.

By the time I reached the hotel in Dubai, it was well after midnight and all I could think of was a dim room and warm bed. The luggage guy came by, took my bag and I willingly followed him to my room.

- Him: “Sir, let me take your bag and introduce you to your room
- Me all tired and worn out “Introduce me to my room?”
- Him: “My name is Jackson and your room is 2010
- Me: barely smiling "Hi Jackson…."
- Him: "As you can see sir, you have a safe here in which you can put a lot of stuff
- Me: “For real?
- Him: “I see you have a laptop, so if you connect it to this cable, you access the Internet”
- Me smiling while thinking “ya’5i ingili3 ‘5ala9 abe anam!” (Get lost, I wanna sleep)”
- Him: “And over there sir is a keyboard that you can use as a remote control
- Me: “Aha cool
- Him: “You’re a mozlim, right?”
- Me: “huh
- Him: “Ahaa, then you shouldn’t open this” and he points at the mini bar. “You’ll actually need this” and he points at the arrow on the ceiling that shows what direction to take to pray.
- Me: “Aha ok, thanks for the tip
- Him: “If you need anything Sir, just dial zero and ask for Jackson”
- Me: “Yeah…sure, thanks. It was nice meeting you and the room

The next thing was me on bed like dead meat.

I managed today to wake up on time, went to the meeting which took all day and the group went to this Lebanese place for dinner.

I think I ate a lot of 7omo9 and tabola..

Now that I’m back to my room, I badly need the below. Time to relax, I’m flying Gulf Air again tomorrow. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: I missed my morning flight that day :p