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Sunday, July 16, 2006 

Why Yours Truly is such a La-Zy Blog-ger

This was supposed to be a joyful happy post but giving what is currently happening in Lebanon and also blocking Saudi Jeans blog I’m feeling depressed. I’ll still post anywyas so never mind me, here is depressed Abdulla.

I often get notes from people blaming me for being such a lazy blogger and they often urge me to update more often (foOf..sis from USA..wink wink) so I thought I’ll show with pictures why yours truly isn’t updating that often by sharing my daily routine..

7:30am: wake up, take a shower and have my 1st meal. I must add that eating my breakfast takes me about an hour alone. “Dude, what are you having on breakfast!” You must be thinking. Hmm..well..try eating 12 table spoons of plain cooked oatmeal and half a liter of protein shake, aha..yup..you got it

9:00am – 6:00pm: Work (during which I consume 2 meals). Hmmm..it just occured to me that my workstation is too clean, I need to make it messier..

7:00pm: Gym baby! Takes about 2 hours including shower, dressing and all.

9:00 pm– 11:00pm: read and/or gossip with my sister/friends or whoever is around then crash to bed (Sorry, no pictures here)

So you see people why I’m such a slow blogger? But you know what, that kinda makes me have an extra reason to love weekends, not only that I get to do my thing AND blog, but I also get to eat whatever I want:

I'm off on vacation next week, so I'll be blogging more often, or so I hope.
God bless ya all.

is that the Oreo ice-cream thingie? enjoy :) and there is nothing wrong with a neat desk =)

u should see my desk.. might get u inspired!..

Hey..I love this post! The reason we want you to post more often is coz your blog is one of our favorites. (For me at least!) I love your clean desk...really! Is that you in the gym? Great bod whoever it is! ;) What is that your eating in the last pic? I'm not sure if it looks yummy or not until you let us know what it is. I'll try not to give you a hard time about not blogging...I haven't written in mine all summer...hehe sis from the usa

Yup, that's Oreo Madness Ice Cream from Friday's, I love it! I knew u'd love my neat desk lol!

Pink Attitude,
hmm..I'll come by to take a look :p

Sis from USA,
Thanks and yeah, that's me in the gym :-) the thing on the pic is Oreo Ice Cream, try it! Hey, I never knew you have a blog, gimme the link!

u have a really intresting day filled with action and lots of cool stuff ( ya i know maly da3y but i just got up :D)

Whats that stuff on your burger? 8I

hello:) i love ur blog, im new to all this, just wanted to say, keep up the good work:)

It sure is, Say hi to Noor btw :)

lol It's not a burger, it's an Oreo Ice Cream :)

Thanks, keep on coming by :)

And I though my days were busy and packed :P

Great blog btw :D


Thanks :)

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