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Sunday, July 02, 2006 

Who gets what of Oil Money? $$$

Every time oil prices hit the sky, Saudi in particular is held responsible for the high oil prices and is usually accused of controlling and monopolizing the market.

You, me, him and her go to the next gas station, fill in our cars’ empty tanks, pay and take off. Ever wondered who gets what of gas money you just paid? Well, I came across the below chart and I found it rather interesting. It shows the average price of different energy products at different location of the world. The blue portion of the bar shows how much of the end price goes to oil producers, the yellow is what goes to refineries, and the red indicates the amount attributable to government taxes. It’s funny how we get blamed for oil high prices while the UK government, for instance, receives far more money from taxation than what OPEC gets from selling its oil.

Well ladies and gentlemen in Europe and North America; the next time you think gas price is too high, direct the bulk of your blame and anger to your governments and local refineries.

lool so true abdu... saudi ALWAYS gets the blame for the increase in price... ignorance is a sin :P

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