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Monday, July 24, 2006 

Safe and sound…

I arrived last Thursday, after almost 24 hours of airports, planes, Desperate House Wives and numb legs. The airport officer in Boston was surprisingly nice and hospitable and didn’t send me to Guantanamo after all. He asked few questions before stamping my passport then I was let loose.

I spent all 1st day in-home recovering the aftermath of my flight (I think I slept over 12 hours) and also because it was raining like crazy. See before and after pictures:


Having spent day 1 home, I tried to break the ice between me and my baby cousin. My attempt, however, failed miserably while she was so focused watching TV as you can see from the pictures.

I thought maybe if we go out in the rain, she’d, at least, consider looking at me. Again, that wasn’t the smartest thing to do as she fell asleep shortly after driving few blocks. (tried to post her picture sleeping, but the pic size was too big)

My relentless pursue to break the ice finally paid out later that night when I realized food was the key. Simply allowing her to mess with the food made her finally look at me and smile.

Currently, I kinda regret breaking the ice between me and her and wish we go back to day 1 formality. Why you wonder? Well, the below pictures speaks volumes:

Well, so far so good, having not seen some family and friends who live/study here for a while, the past few days were full of gatherings and dinners with them. Yesterday we went for a picnic with some friends and their kids. The weather was amazing, the grill was perfect and the girl jogging was hot.

Turned out I’m pretty popular among kids; I took them for rocks climbing then for a walk during which they saw a puppy taking a dump. The kids started analyzing the puppy motives for not using the toilets to discombobulate. Needless to say, I avoided being part of that discussion and rather enjoyed listening to their hilarious reasoning.

I’m going to watch Click and/or Little Man today. Speaking of movies, I watched Superman Returns in 3D theater the other day, my rating: waste of time and money.

DUDE, you're in Boston, we gotta meet up.. give me a call any time i'm here till sunday

857 204 4968

You can delete the comment once u have the number :P


hey! 7amdilla 3assalama =) awww that is so cute :P bonding with the kids! Ahhh, yea RvN you probably *should* take him out, show him that there is more to boston than that :P

Lool. Your baby cousin is too cute.
7amdillah 3la salamtak.
A bit of advie: Little man MRA stupid. Dont see it. White Chicks is way better.

Take the kids to see the movie "Cars" ;) sis from the usa

sure, i'll give ya a call :)

I knowww, I'm sure there is more to do here. I'll try to get rid of family and go have fun with friends.

Allah yisalmik, and thanks for the advice :)

Sis from USA,
ooh no no...no more kids, I wanna have fun, i mean real fun :p where do u live btw? :)

awwww your ,ittle cousin is so cute mashallah
and u must be the cool big cousin or the cute cousin elly all the litte girls fee alfamily ye5goo 3alek looool
almohem i hope u have fun ;)

I'm in Illinois...sis from the usa

ya 7ubeelk. ur so nice to actually bother with the kiddies!

i sooo want to watch click.its not fair :(

Heheh Love the pic with your lil cousin in the drawer ;p
Mshallah Cute hehehe

SuperMan was a disappoitment.
All that fuss was over NOTHING.

"and u must be the cool big cousin or the cute cousin elly all the litte girls fee alfamily ye5goo 3alek"

Damn..how did u know that? :p

Sis from USA,

I watched it, it wasn't hilarious but amusing :)

Yup..I watched it in 3-D theater but still, it sucked.

I can't see the pics :( They say that you've exceeded your bandwidth :(


I'm sorry, i'll try to fix soon :s

thanks :D

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