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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

All cool shirts…CHECK
All cool pants …CHECK
All cool footwear…CHECK
Sunglasses to avoid overly social and talkative passengers…CHECK
Book to read while flying…CHECK
Desperate House Wives to watch between connection flights…CHECK
And oh yeah, grass green passport…CHECK

Random Messages:

Dear Saudi Chicks traveling onboard today, please don’t deprive a mere bro from your regular “3abaya stripping” sky show…it is entertaining…

Dear passenger sitting next to me, please don’t assume I’ll be in the mood to chit chat, I’m showing all signs of apathy…just hush…please…

Dear kids, who will be onboard around me, please do all your whining, crying and shouting either before take off or after landing…while flying…just hush…please…

Dear customs officer who I’m going to meet in Boston Airport, please do not harass me or give me a hard time. I come in peace…stamp my passport….just hush and let me go…please…

Dear colleagues from work, please do not call me during my vacation. Please let me enjoy my vacation…just hush…please…

Lol. But why boring boston? LA is the place to be :)
Have fun!!!!

loool.. i wait till everyone is asleep be4 i take my abaya off on a plane.. it's too embarrrrassinggg haha..


what book did you read on the plane? sis from the usa

LOL That's funny. Yea, what's the book you are taking? Have fun and have a safe flight! =)

i take my 3abaya off in the bathroom .. its fuuny the look on the guys faces when i come out
anyhoo i hope u have fun in boston

nooo dude, Boston is fun too, ok not as wild as LA..but I have stuff to do..plus it's pretty close to NY which I’m planning to visit next week :)

Aoi_Chokoreto & Bal8ees,
lol, I understand :p

Sis from USA & Sunshine,
I was reading the illustrated edition of the Da Vinci Code; I wanted to finish the book before watching the movie :)

Leaving already?!
u'll be missed:(
and akeeed akeed ENJOY ur time;)

where are you going ??
i know malgoofa :P

Thanks :-)

Boston :-)

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