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Thursday, July 13, 2006 

Hamas, Hizbollah and Telepathy

Hamas kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers and I was praying that Hamas would eventually release them to avoid one of Israel typical massacres. Stubborn, ignorant and stupid enough Hamas didn’t and Israel retaliated so brutally and savagely by killing tens of innocent civilians in Gaza and West Bank. Stubbornness, stupidity and ignorance seem to travel telepathically between Hamas and Hizboallah who, few days later, kidnapped a bunch of Israeli soldiers. Can you guess what came next? Yup, you got it. Crazy Israelis again retaliated by destroying infrastructure in southern Lebanon and targeting both, Hizbollah militants and innocent civilians as well.

Wouldn’t life in the Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon be much better without Hamas and Hizbollah?

How about without Israel?

Life would be even better tho I'm not a fan of the typical Palestine-is-for-Arabs-Muslims-only legacy.

With a bit of sanity, all faiths can coexist in harmony there. it happened before, why not now?

Nasr Allah's speech truly got on my nerves, I mean he sounded so selfish ( us , Ahl al bayt, Mohammed, Ali and Al Hassan)? like what about all the other people?!
Well Maybe the war was addresed to Hizb-allah only .. we'll see

Setto hanak:S
setto is in lebanon:S

the answer is YES.. it would be much, much better.. these terrorists running 7amas and 7ezb allah r cowards.. they r weak.. though, they keep playing tough.. Israel withdrew from Gaza & southern lebanon hoping that these idiots give up launching rockets towards israel..but they never did..so 7amas & 7ezb allah deserve what is happining to them.. ya and the lebanese people also deserve all this bloody chaos taking place in their god damn country. why do they host this arsehole named na9rallah.. issues could be resolved by negotiations.

That's true and it seems to me that Lebanon was not part of his equation when he did what he did ( I guess Syria and Iran were).Yes, Israel use of full force to react is totally ..completely not making any sense but hello? He triggered them..he gave them justification to what they are doing now.


Neo, I
t is totally understood why Hisbollah existed in the first place back in early 80s, to liberate southern Lebanon. Now here the million Dollar question, why is Hisbollah still militarily active? Why aren't they turning into a purely political party and dissolve their armed forces in the Lebanese army? I don't agree that the Lebanese deserve this simply becuz it's not their choice. It’s a well known fact that the Lebanese government is exceptionally weak to deal with Hisbollah which supported by Syria and Iran not to mention that Hizbollah is represented in the Lebanese cabinet.

After all, god help ya Lebanon :-(

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