Monday, July 24, 2006 

Safe and sound…

I arrived last Thursday, after almost 24 hours of airports, planes, Desperate House Wives and numb legs. The airport officer in Boston was surprisingly nice and hospitable and didn’t send me to Guantanamo after all. He asked few questions before stamping my passport then I was let loose.

I spent all 1st day in-home recovering the aftermath of my flight (I think I slept over 12 hours) and also because it was raining like crazy. See before and after pictures:


Having spent day 1 home, I tried to break the ice between me and my baby cousin. My attempt, however, failed miserably while she was so focused watching TV as you can see from the pictures.

I thought maybe if we go out in the rain, she’d, at least, consider looking at me. Again, that wasn’t the smartest thing to do as she fell asleep shortly after driving few blocks. (tried to post her picture sleeping, but the pic size was too big)

My relentless pursue to break the ice finally paid out later that night when I realized food was the key. Simply allowing her to mess with the food made her finally look at me and smile.

Currently, I kinda regret breaking the ice between me and her and wish we go back to day 1 formality. Why you wonder? Well, the below pictures speaks volumes:

Well, so far so good, having not seen some family and friends who live/study here for a while, the past few days were full of gatherings and dinners with them. Yesterday we went for a picnic with some friends and their kids. The weather was amazing, the grill was perfect and the girl jogging was hot.

Turned out I’m pretty popular among kids; I took them for rocks climbing then for a walk during which they saw a puppy taking a dump. The kids started analyzing the puppy motives for not using the toilets to discombobulate. Needless to say, I avoided being part of that discussion and rather enjoyed listening to their hilarious reasoning.

I’m going to watch Click and/or Little Man today. Speaking of movies, I watched Superman Returns in 3D theater the other day, my rating: waste of time and money.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

All cool shirts…CHECK
All cool pants …CHECK
All cool footwear…CHECK
Sunglasses to avoid overly social and talkative passengers…CHECK
Book to read while flying…CHECK
Desperate House Wives to watch between connection flights…CHECK
And oh yeah, grass green passport…CHECK

Random Messages:

Dear Saudi Chicks traveling onboard today, please don’t deprive a mere bro from your regular “3abaya stripping” sky show…it is entertaining…

Dear passenger sitting next to me, please don’t assume I’ll be in the mood to chit chat, I’m showing all signs of apathy…just hush…please…

Dear kids, who will be onboard around me, please do all your whining, crying and shouting either before take off or after landing…while flying…just hush…please…

Dear customs officer who I’m going to meet in Boston Airport, please do not harass me or give me a hard time. I come in peace…stamp my passport….just hush and let me go…please…

Dear colleagues from work, please do not call me during my vacation. Please let me enjoy my vacation…just hush…please…

Sunday, July 16, 2006 

Why Yours Truly is such a La-Zy Blog-ger

This was supposed to be a joyful happy post but giving what is currently happening in Lebanon and also blocking Saudi Jeans blog I’m feeling depressed. I’ll still post anywyas so never mind me, here is depressed Abdulla.

I often get notes from people blaming me for being such a lazy blogger and they often urge me to update more often (foOf..sis from USA..wink wink) so I thought I’ll show with pictures why yours truly isn’t updating that often by sharing my daily routine..

7:30am: wake up, take a shower and have my 1st meal. I must add that eating my breakfast takes me about an hour alone. “Dude, what are you having on breakfast!” You must be thinking. Hmm..well..try eating 12 table spoons of plain cooked oatmeal and half a liter of protein shake, got it

9:00am – 6:00pm: Work (during which I consume 2 meals). just occured to me that my workstation is too clean, I need to make it messier..

7:00pm: Gym baby! Takes about 2 hours including shower, dressing and all.

9:00 pm– 11:00pm: read and/or gossip with my sister/friends or whoever is around then crash to bed (Sorry, no pictures here)

So you see people why I’m such a slow blogger? But you know what, that kinda makes me have an extra reason to love weekends, not only that I get to do my thing AND blog, but I also get to eat whatever I want:

I'm off on vacation next week, so I'll be blogging more often, or so I hope.
God bless ya all.

Thursday, July 13, 2006 

Hamas, Hizbollah and Telepathy

Hamas kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers and I was praying that Hamas would eventually release them to avoid one of Israel typical massacres. Stubborn, ignorant and stupid enough Hamas didn’t and Israel retaliated so brutally and savagely by killing tens of innocent civilians in Gaza and West Bank. Stubbornness, stupidity and ignorance seem to travel telepathically between Hamas and Hizboallah who, few days later, kidnapped a bunch of Israeli soldiers. Can you guess what came next? Yup, you got it. Crazy Israelis again retaliated by destroying infrastructure in southern Lebanon and targeting both, Hizbollah militants and innocent civilians as well.

Wouldn’t life in the Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon be much better without Hamas and Hizbollah?

Thursday, July 06, 2006 

Tagged Twice by Mystique:

20 Facts about me:
  1. I never drink plain coffee, must add milk man!
  2. I never add lemon to what I eat, I love mint lemonade though.
  3. I never eat overly spicy food, my eyes and nose start running man!
  4. I only eat cooked sushi; I promised someone I’d try to eat it raw one day however.
  5. I’ve never traveled outside Saudi between the age 5 and 22 and I’ve never been to any English speaking country until the age of 24.
  6. I only learned swimming last year. It’s never too late to learn man!
  7. I often watch and enjoy romantic comedies; hence some friends think I’m gay-ish.
  8. I don’t play Balot. If offered, I might be willing to learn.
  9. I don’t smoke, all my friends do.
  10. I don’t drink, few of my friends do.
  11. I try my best to pray on time, I can’t claim I always do.
  12. I always sit near the emergency exit if traveling on economy class, legs space man!
  13. I rarely take naps, if I do, I wake up grumpy.
  14. I wear watches on my right hand.
  15. I never kept a watch for more than a month
  16. I have no idea where/how I lose my watches
  17. I don’t consider it a courtesy to let a woman take my turn in a queue, first come first served man! (unless old or handicapped)
  18. I spend unnecessarily long time in toilets, I do quality thinking in peace there man!
  19. I can’t swallow pills, must split it or smash it. My throat is apparently tight man!
  20. I must write my name and date of purchase on books I buy, good way to show my kinds one day I used to read when I was in their age………!

Now, the 2nd tag:

1) You receive a gift. You open it and say "wow this is exactly what I need. It came in time". What is the gift?
Chanel Allure Sport (just finished mine last week)

2) Close your eyes, now open them. You are someone else. Who do you want it to be?
A combo: Ghazi Al-Gussaibi as an intellect and Jack Welch as a corporate god.

3) you are sitting in a coffee shop in the Champs-Elysées. There are five chairs around the table; you sit on one, who sits on the other four?

My friends would be asleep since they would be clubbing all night so that’s out. My siblings aren’t coffee shops kinda people, that’s also out. That only leaves me to assume the 4 people are my future baby wife and our kids.

4) They give you a chance to appear on T.V for five minutes. Everyone on the planet is watching you, and everyone will believe whatever comes out of your mouth. What will your message be?

Women of the world, I’m hot and available.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

Despite all that, we are the best.. not!

I got this by e-mail. Though it was written about a year ago, it still holds. I'm afraid it will still hold for years to come. Sad but true..

حنا السعوديين أكثر شعب في العالم يمتلك بترول . وحنا اللي تبرعنا لأغلب دول
العالم . وحنا اللي إكتفينا من القمح وصدرناه للعالم . وحنا اللي أخذنا كأس
أسيا ثلاث مرات . ووصلنا لكاس العالم ثلاث مرات . وحنا اللي هزمنا العراق في
حرب الخليج . وحنا اللي فجرنا مركز التجارة والبنتاجون .
حنا السعوديين أول من طلع الفضاء من العرب . وحنا أكثر شعب في المنطقة وحنا
أكثر شعب عنده ستالايت وحنا اللي نمتلك قناة mbc وقناة art ... وحنا أكثر
من يتصل على القنوات الفضائية ونلعب مع المذيعات الحلوات ونمزح معاهم
حنا اللي أرسلنا أكثر المجاهدين لأفغانستان والبوسنة والشيشان . وحنا اللي
ماأحد يغار على الدين مثلنا ، رغم إن أغلبنا مايصلي كل الفروض . وحنا اللي
مافي شعب يضايق الكفار مثلنا . والتكفير عندنا مثل شرب الماء وألذ من العسل
>حنا السعوديين مافي أطيب وأكرم مننا . حنا اللي نرمي نصف أكلنا في الزبالة من
زود الكرم . وحنا من تفوق على غيرنا في كبر الكروش والكسل .
حنا من أكثر شعوب العالم إستهلاكا للدخان والشيشة . وحنا اللي عندنا مدينة جدة
رابع أكبر مدينة تلوث في العالم . وحنا اللي قضينا على الحياة البرية في
السعودية من كثرالصيد والقنص. ثم رحنا على مصر والسودان نقضي على الباقي
حنا أكثر من يطارد بنات العالم في الخارج . وحنا أكثر ناس في العالم ننفق على
السياحة . وحنا اللي تبكي وتتحسف علينا بانكوك وبتايا من بعدها عنا
حنا أكثر شعب في العالم عنده عمالة أجنبية . وأكثر الأشياء اللي نستخدمها من
صنع غيرنا . ومانرضى نشتغل في المطاعم والمطابخ والمخابز والمغاسل . لأننا
نشوفها أقل من مستوانا
حنا اللي نحافظ على تقاليدنا حتى لو كانت غلط . وحنا اللي مانشوف أحسن من
قبايلنا . ونشوف الأجانب أقل مننا . إلا من رحم ربي .
حنا اللي نشوف البنت مخلوق ناقص ومالها رأي . ماهي مسؤولة عن نفسها ، لكن
مسؤولة عن أفعالها . ماتأكل في العزايم إلا من بقايا أكلنا . محجوزة عندنا في
البيت مثل الغنم . ماتطلع إلا لزيارة الجارة أول للعمل . حتى زاد عليها الهم
والغم . وحتى صارت في الوزن مثل الجمل . وبعد هذا نمنعها من ممارسة الرياضة
لأن الرياضة بس للولد !!
حنا اللي الحرمة عندنا ماتكشف حجابها لنا وتكشفه للأجنبي . وحنا اللي نمنع
الحرمة في المدينة من السواقه لأنها فتنة . حتى لو كانت قبيحة وغير مغرية .
ونتركها تركب السيارة لوحدها مع السواق الأجنبي . رغم إن بنات البدو يسوقون
السيارة في الصحراء من زمن . من دون خوف ولا وجل . ومن دون إعتراض الأهل
حنا أول من إبتكر مطاردة البنات في الشوارع بالسيارات. وإذا شفنا بنت راكبة
السيارة مع سواقها تجمعنا بسياراتنا حولها مثل الغنم . نبغا منها كلمة حتى لو
تتفل في وجيهنا أو ترمينا بحجر .
حنا اللي عندنا أغلى المهور في العالم . ومانشوف ولا نعرف العروس إلا بعد
الزفاف (شختك بختك) . وبسبب هذا ثلث الزيجات عندنا تنتهي بالطلاق ..!!

رغم الحقيقة والألم

حنا السعوديين أحسن المسلمين والعرب.(هيّن بس ) .!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006 

Who gets what of Oil Money? $$$

Every time oil prices hit the sky, Saudi in particular is held responsible for the high oil prices and is usually accused of controlling and monopolizing the market.

You, me, him and her go to the next gas station, fill in our cars’ empty tanks, pay and take off. Ever wondered who gets what of gas money you just paid? Well, I came across the below chart and I found it rather interesting. It shows the average price of different energy products at different location of the world. The blue portion of the bar shows how much of the end price goes to oil producers, the yellow is what goes to refineries, and the red indicates the amount attributable to government taxes. It’s funny how we get blamed for oil high prices while the UK government, for instance, receives far more money from taxation than what OPEC gets from selling its oil.

Well ladies and gentlemen in Europe and North America; the next time you think gas price is too high, direct the bulk of your blame and anger to your governments and local refineries.