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Thursday, June 15, 2006 

We AL.MOST won!

First came Tunisia goal (BoOoOooO!)


Then we scored another goal! we just rock!

hmmph #%#@# then they scored..boo

Despite the tie, we can still do it! GO GREEN WE WUV YA!

I loved the green ties but gee Sultan dude, do something to your hair man

Green-ish kids

Hot green chick!

More green chicks! (The lady in black is wearing green socks, I know it)

And of course, some green dudes

hey cute post, loved the giddiness and the enthusiasm, and mabrook 3ala almost winning the match just steel urself for the upcoming 7-0's and the 5-1's etc etc and who is that guy standing next to that chubby prince???

yasser looks cute in that pic!!
the green ties r ya5!

oh and princess, that's prince nawwaf/nayef bin mdry meen

thnx :) well, those are princes Sultan (the guy with hair issues) and his nephew prince nawwaf.

come on..the green ties were cute ;)

Aha..yes, that's prince nawwaf..u got it :)

omg abdul I swear the Game was on FIRE
if you were with us you would Fine my mom jumping from Joy and Deedee dancing around..and Me (Drinking nescafe)

I know walla, I was watching the game in KAI with the guys, when Saudi attacks we're like YAAAHH YAALLLAA SHOOT!


got the picture? :)

Next match, let's merge ;)

we are going to BAGETTE with deedee and her Friends :D

kewl..we'll merge the 2 groups next match then :D

I enjoyed the game, I was wearing my green shirt myself :P (not the fifa one)

And I totally loved the green ties!! LOL but Sultan's hair is okay man, what are you talking about ;)

Better luck inshallah with Ukraine *crossing fingers*


come on, he looks like the green hulk with this hair, only missing green skin :p

lo0o0o0o0o0o0ol @ the women wearing green socks

but we are gonna kick ass bokra inshallah :D

we sure will ;)

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