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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 

After yesterday's match, only Zarqawi way will do it:

1st comment yeppeeeeeeeeeeeeee:D
Don't say that!!
ensha2allah we'll win the next one:D


hehe :D

lol so true!


Marra mo bayen :-(

foOf,ancient & PA,

minjid, this is the only way left. I feel sorry for all the money wasted 3alihum!

they might as well quit now and go back home. its embaressing as is.


I second your thought. it's already 1-0 now..allah yistor bas!

bs ya5y faregana fashl mn 2awl .. bl'3al6 et3adlna m3 tunis :P

I think ur right bal8ees..bas yalla..it was fun cheering for them anyways :-)

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