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Friday, May 12, 2006 

Last night was fish night



and the aftermath:

last but not least, there was m3asil: (yes, my foot)

well..was it good?? sis from the usa

sis from usa,

Oh ya, the aftermath pic says it

well...I kinda thought that...you should have shared! ;) sis from the usa

mashallah la7ad y36eekom 3ain bas :P
nice shots and cute foot ;) !

waw.. i love fish

sis from USA,

Let's go fishing :)


thnx, can u show me ur feet then? :p


it was orgasmic-ly delicious :p

i ate fish ticks two days ago .. it wasn't good i felt sick after eating it :S
but what you ate looks good the best thing alm3asil :P


Yaaah, I'm a big m3asil fan myself. Tho I don't often smoke it. But after fish, it's a must have :)

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