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Friday, May 05, 2006 



leash sha56 3ala your face :P
and hope u have fun in California :D

evil evil evil! hehe
u just had to censor everythin thats interesting about ur visa :|
take me with u to california. i miss it:(


I have to ya'5ti, fitna :p
thnx. Is this ur real name btw? salimi 3ala noor.

lil fishy, wanna see the interesting things later? :)
join in

yea bal8ees is my real name :D
what do u think of it ?? :D

Quite unique I must say, never knew anyone named so :)

Woo Hoo! Welcome to the USA! sis from the usa

Are you coming to study? or work? or vacation or just visiting?? You know they won't let you in with those scratches on your visa. ;) sis from the usa

yallah, when r we going :D ill have my suitcase ready within a couple of hours.
by the way, wut city r we going to?

Sis from usa:
vacation and a visit. Don't worry, i'll manage my way with the nice customs officers :)

lil fishy,

haven't decided yet.

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