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Friday, May 12, 2006 

يا رب

اهد قلبي لمن يستحقه
وهبه لمن يعزه
ولا تسلط عليه مغروراً أو لعوباً
وترفق به ... يا أرحم الراحمين

ameen =) !

Ameen ya Rab Al-3alamin

ولا تسلط عليه مغروراً أو لعوباً

For a while that was all my heart ever fell for... ameen ameeeen!!

Noura & OG,

Allah yisma3 minkum..


I know what you mean, been there..seen that. Hope it works out this time for all..

marrah 7elo hatha aldo3a .. 3ajabny

o ameeen :D


It's indeed very nice. Allah yisma3 minnik.

OH I LOVED al du3a
Tres Tres beautiful



see me reply to Bal8ees :)

ameen ya rab :)!
btw, where did you get this du3a2 from?

Nice prayer..

zahrat ilma6ba5,
didn't get it anywhere..just someone's brain fart..

foOf, yup it is :)


awwwwww...well ameeeeeeen :D

ameeeeeeeeen.... testaahil kil 5air :)

SP & DD,

Thnx :)

Ameen..dont worry u seem like a nice guy..God will take care of u..


I am walla :(


thnx :)

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