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Saturday, March 18, 2006 

My father is in a coma since last night.
I'm flying in few hours to Dammam.
Pray for him please.

ٍسلامات ما يشوف شر الوالد إن شاء الله. الله يشفيه ويقومه بالسلامة.

salamat o inshalla yegoom belsalama..

Ma yishof shar insha' ALLAH , man if you need anything at all don't hesitate.

salamto ensha2allah..
wallah mayshoof shar~

Ma yshoof shar inshallah o allah ygawmah bel salamah

ألف سلامة عليه
و انشالله تكتب في ميزان حسناته

Yo man I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he overcomes his problems. My prayers are with him.

Abdullah, that's terrible news. I'll be sure to pray for him.

Ma yeshoof sharr Inshallah.

My prayers are with him also x

allah yshfeeh ya rab & ygama bil salama,, my prayer are with him..

Ygoom bilsalama inshalla
allah yshfeeh ya rab

hey, im sorry to hear that and im sorry to comment so late. inshallah your dad will get better.


Ma yishoof shar, o bilsallama inshalla. My prayers are with you as well.

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