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Saturday, February 11, 2006 

Lucky brats of Riyadh

This could be the best I have read on the ever controversial novel. I laughed when she said "So forgive me if I don’t cry my heart out for these women whose greatest tragedy in life is that they haven’t received red roses on Valentine’s Day"

True I can safely assume.

nice book review. i would've liked to have read the book but considering its in 3arabi, i think i'll have to pass :D

well written and well said
to banat ar riyad ..
girls you need to get real please!

Just found your blog from a comment you posted on another blog. I put yours in my favorites. Keep blogging! sis from the usa

I thought Banat al riyadh was just the book's Subject..she wrote about all the Saudi girls ..that's what I heard..and I want a Red rose on Val.day..poor me;(

Great article. I agreed with mostly everything she had to say.

uh, what's up with your comments thing? Nothing is posting

test :)...
hello..hello does this thing work "?!

lil fishy,

I read she is (the writer) is working on the English edition of the novel. Meanwhile, read the summary in English: http://www.rajaa.net/v2/english.htm

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She wrote about 4 girls with certain life styles that don't necessary represent or apply to all Riyadh girls. Yet, the title implies she is talking about all girls in Riyadh. She called it "titles game" in one of her interviews.
As for the red rose, may I? :)

Same here, the article brought up very valid points.

Jaded Saudi,

It's fixed, alive and kicking now! Keep visiting and commenting :)

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