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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Busy, hectic and eventful days

Sigh…I'm overly busy these days with counterpart executives coming from Europe to Jeddah for annual regional meetings so…ugh!

God, these meetings are such a nightmare with a lot of preparations to do and also a lot of politics involved on how to say and position things. Yet, I must say, they're a good learning experience when you see all those senior mangers and executives set business strategies.

Oh well, I just can't wait for these meeting to be over with so I'd go back to my normal life style.

Meanwhile…some news from the holy land…

This is sad
This is interesting
This is..umm..I dunno..but ouch
UPDATE: MORE NEWS...phew..Now I can put my mind in ease, it is not only our men breed, even theirs do it.

Oh well, if you happen to know anyone (male or female) who wants to work in finance in Jeddah or Dammam, let me know. The minimum requirements are having an undergraduate degree and willingness to travel from time to time abroad for meetings and training, we'll take care of the rest.

Later people...

id like a job and im willing travel, but im not a finance major, but im close enough :(
akh, to think i have to start applying to jobs soon.
anyone wanna go around applying for me? :P

I don't have a degree yet. But, I'd love to do some work experience ;P

good luck with your executive meetings, and what the hell is up with these news posts, the iraqi one hurts like hell??

lil fishy,
You can still apply with whatever undergraduate degree you have in Duabi.

We'll wait until you graduate :)

Thnx. I only refer to saudi-related news. But yes, the iraqi one was sad and tragic.

I realize that this post is pretty old, but I am in jeddah and currently looking for a job in Finance, I have a BA in Finance from AUB and i'm working on my CFA Level 1. If you know any companies recruiting i would be grateful if you could inform me. Thanks.


e-mail me and we'll talk: abdo_zippy@hotmail.com

hey man
nice to know you are going for CFA lvel I. my name is kumail and um a charterholder who has recently settled in jeddah. i am looking for a group of students who i can teach. my expertise are in ethics, FSA, debts, asset valuation, derivatives etc. if you are interested or can get me some links plz call me at 056 5346543

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