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Thursday, February 16, 2006 


Dear Bloggers..

I just realized today that I have to approve whatever comments you leave on my posts in order for the comment to appear (Rima, thank you! :) ) I only saw them all today (how stoopit of me, I know)

And there, I approved all the comments, my apologies for not replying; now you know why :D

Well, at least now I won't delete my blog, I thought no one reading my blog and so no no is commenting..but now, I know few are reading it..

I'd really appreciate it if somebody tells me how to make the comments appear instantly without my approval?

Ignorance is not always a bless after all.

P.S. I replied to all comments.

Congrats on that :P Thank Rima for ever!! lol

HEHE all this happend bcz of Me me Me me and only ME :D

Hiya Abdulla!

Thanks for passing by my blog :)

And you can remove the comment moderation through your blog settings :)

Oh and you've taken the moderation off already! hehe...great :)


Osloobak marrah yithakkirny bishabab Aramco, did u go to cpc?


fofo, thnx, I was really close to delete the blog lol

Rimo, yes yes yes, it was you, you ,you and you! yalla '5ala9..7illi 3ani! :p

Sou..yeah..done that already. Keep coming by :)

Raven, nope I didn't go to CPC but some of my best friends went there.



ele hoo = whatever

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