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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

3 Red Roses Out of the Blue...

Over the years, I gave permission to days like V-day to leave behind disregarded.

After happily offering my close friends back in Khobar tips on how to make the reddish and stuffed stuff well turned-out to their loved ones, I would, calmly, run off, drive back home, withdraw to my room and surrender to my corner…convinced and satisfied that I got my share for such day.

It was almost 7pm last night when I realized I stayed at work for too long, time to go home. While driving back home, I look at the date on the dashboard screen, it's Feb 14…V-day!

I smiled remembering a friend of mine, who on the same day few years back, was asking me to lend him money, to get his loved one something for the day. I kept smiling when I also remembered that both, my broke friend and his loved one, eventually got married.

Consumed with thoughts, I arrive home, open the outside door and just as I step in, I find her right in front me. Hair barely covered with a veil, wearing glasses that only added to her charm and elegance, she stood there, as dazzling as I always recall her.

Observing my surprise and disbelieve, she smiled and came closer "Hey, Kaifik?" She asked.

"Al7amdilla, kaifik inti?" I replied while looking around anxiously as I'm aware that such encounter, if seen, won't pass lightly.

"I brought you these" She whispered.

And there, out of her bag, she hands out 3 red roses joined by a red, heart shaped tie.

Overwhelmed by the gesture, I smiled and looked her in the eyes.

As they hopelessly attempted to stand, my eyes quickly, declared defeat, surrendered and looked down.

I failed the eyes test and I failed to recognize what I felt…overwhelmed…dazzled…shocked or maybe spoiled…

The past few years ran across in a glimpse, my broke friend, my room, my corner…the long night drives back home…all the nights…all the sighs…and Fayrooz songs…

"Uhhh…I can't believe someone remembered me today. I'm speechless; I don't know what to say" finally came out of me.

"You're always remembered" She replied with a smile as her veil, slowly, fell off to reveal her shoulder-length beautiful hair.

"Thank you, my b-day is rarely remembered; much less I would so expect to be remembered on V-day. You made my day!" I breathlessly and excitedly replied.

"That's for old days sake" She answered with a wink.

"I know you just came from work, I won't hold you then. Just wanted to come by, say hi and give you the roses" She continued.

She kissed…then took off…

AWWWWWW!!! You just made me hate valentine's day a lil' less :)

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Jadded Saudi,
loool @ a lil less

Yeah, it was a very nice surprise and made me think it's not bad after all to have something special for v-day..won't hurt :)

I don't think I flinched more than twice while reading this.. it's a feat!

I'm happy for you.. belatedly. It's nice to know you matter to someone.


I'd still say il 3ain ma te3la 3ala al 7ajib. You're a master at this.

Thnx, your words mean a lot to me.

Oooh.. Abdullah, Abdullah,, nafsaha? T7amast, come online, damn it.

faroo7a: ;-)

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