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Wednesday, December 21, 2005 

My room is clean? Sure, I must have been thinking!

Whenever I feel a need to do some thinking on my own, especially one that requires making a decision, I find myself locking myself inside my room and for no reason I start cleaning it. When I tried to rationalize this habit of mine, I reached 2 opposing conclusions.

I’m either trying to escape my fate (that is making the decision) and so, I deceive myself and extend the time given to make a decision (Just like when you have a midterm plus few small assignments. In an attempt to escape studying for the midterm, some would spend more than enough time on the small assignments and leave studying for the midterm to the very end. Eventually, fate is faced and you are forced to study for the midterm).

If not, then I must be trying to reach maximum clarity of mind by having everything clean and organized first in my physical surrounding to do some quality thinking.

Do you happen to have some bizarre habit in your daily life?

i have to take bubble baths everyday, or else i become too hyper for people to coop with , honestly wierd but true,

loooooooooooooool im some lady called noor ha ha ha ,
thanks for the lady par i've always loved being called a lady :)

i realy dont have a strange habbit but i just love sitting in my room alone for hours listening music

i can so relate thats exactly what happens with me i clean my room inside out like it cant wait till after exams or whatever but after that cleanning frenzy im more relaxed its like taking the pressure or anxiety out of my system coz when my room is all neat and tidy and smellin fresh nothing else matters hehe

You happened to be among the very first few blogs I read when I started blogging. So when I created my own blog, I added your blog link in addition to my friends' blogs links. I felt your posts were girlie, delicate and nice to read first thing in the morning lol
And when I learned from your posts that you're a mom, I felt "awww, now isn't that cutest thing?"
Keep visiting ma lady :)

I often do that as well, but not in a locked room. More like in a balcony..at night…with a nice view…listening to Fayrooz :)

True I must say, I totally hate it when my place is a total mess. I put everything on-hold until I have some law and order around me.

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