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Friday, December 30, 2005 

The 1st Saudi female Plumber to be sponsored by Kingdom Holding Company

mYou want to be famous?
You want to be a media saga?
If you’re a girl (A Saudi girl that is)
Pick up a wrench
Go to the kitchen
Fix the sink leakage
BINGO, you’re a celebrity!

Breaking News: The 1st Saudi female plumber to be sponsored by Kingdom Holding Company!

I’m sick and tired to my freaking bones of how much we tend to show too much ovation to anything related to a Saudi chick doing something or the 1st time.

I’m just wondering if this is a healthy practice. Isn’t such development is Saudi women role in Saudi society a natural and expected step? Actually, isn’t that supposed to be the norm/default?

I totally understand and support giving public, enthusiastic and prolonged rounds of applause to ladies like the below:

Salwa Al-Haza3
Nahed 6aher
Thuryya Obied
Reem Al-6wairgi
Hayat Sindi
Lubna Al-Olyan

PEOPLE! Those are ladies who strived and worked hard to reach where they are now in a sexist society (except maybe for Lubna who just inherited the money..but whatever)

Now, I’d sit with my fingers crossed and watch what ladies like the below will have to bring to the table:

Hayfa2 Al-Man9oor
Nadya Ba’5urji
Jeddah Chamber of Commerce twin

OK, so now Hayfa2 has officially joined Rotana. Nadya is officially a member of the Saudi Council of Engineers. The twin is officially board members of Jeddah chamber of commerce but what is next? I’ll be watching your progress ladies. Otherwise, pardon if I kick you out of Golden-Saudi-Women-Hall-of-Fame. Having a vagina alone isn’t enough to shine.

Now, this is a joke...wait wait..you have got to be kidding me, check this out kaman...oh..another joke here

No offence, but who gives a freaking rat-ass of some gal became a pilot or another chick knows how to ride mules? So what? Where is the freaking achievement? Riding a horse, landing a 747?

Hold your horses before you accuse me of being a Typical-Saudi-Sexist-Chauvinist. All I’m saying is that ovation, credit and applause must go to those people who truly deserve it whether they have nuts or boobs.

I agree ..
either they do something worth it .. or it won't change anything .. and in the same time it is not worth mentioning!

Just look how stuiped is comparing Dr. Nahed Taher to a pilot .. with all do respect to all!..
As much as it gonna be a joke to compare Dr. Taher's achievments with MINE!!

abu joori,

Right, praise should be based on merit not gender.

I am starting a job, working for a Plumber. I really dont know what I am doing. I know that I will learn on the job. But what is your advice for someone who is just starting out in the profession?
what do you think is the most important thing I should know? What are some things to know that are hard to pick up on by watching it be done?
I know this post sounds pretty general, but any reply would be nice.

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