Friday, December 30, 2005 

The 1st Saudi female Plumber to be sponsored by Kingdom Holding Company

mYou want to be famous?
You want to be a media saga?
If you’re a girl (A Saudi girl that is)
Pick up a wrench
Go to the kitchen
Fix the sink leakage
BINGO, you’re a celebrity!

Breaking News: The 1st Saudi female plumber to be sponsored by Kingdom Holding Company!

I’m sick and tired to my freaking bones of how much we tend to show too much ovation to anything related to a Saudi chick doing something or the 1st time.

I’m just wondering if this is a healthy practice. Isn’t such development is Saudi women role in Saudi society a natural and expected step? Actually, isn’t that supposed to be the norm/default?

I totally understand and support giving public, enthusiastic and prolonged rounds of applause to ladies like the below:

Salwa Al-Haza3
Nahed 6aher
Thuryya Obied
Reem Al-6wairgi
Hayat Sindi
Lubna Al-Olyan

PEOPLE! Those are ladies who strived and worked hard to reach where they are now in a sexist society (except maybe for Lubna who just inherited the money..but whatever)

Now, I’d sit with my fingers crossed and watch what ladies like the below will have to bring to the table:

Hayfa2 Al-Man9oor
Nadya Ba’5urji
Jeddah Chamber of Commerce twin

OK, so now Hayfa2 has officially joined Rotana. Nadya is officially a member of the Saudi Council of Engineers. The twin is officially board members of Jeddah chamber of commerce but what is next? I’ll be watching your progress ladies. Otherwise, pardon if I kick you out of Golden-Saudi-Women-Hall-of-Fame. Having a vagina alone isn’t enough to shine.

Now, this is a joke...wait have got to be kidding me, check this out kaman...oh..another joke here

No offence, but who gives a freaking rat-ass of some gal became a pilot or another chick knows how to ride mules? So what? Where is the freaking achievement? Riding a horse, landing a 747?

Hold your horses before you accuse me of being a Typical-Saudi-Sexist-Chauvinist. All I’m saying is that ovation, credit and applause must go to those people who truly deserve it whether they have nuts or boobs.

Friday, December 23, 2005 

No P.E. classes for Saudi chicks....Period

I was just stunned reading this.

boy oh boy...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 

My room is clean? Sure, I must have been thinking!

Whenever I feel a need to do some thinking on my own, especially one that requires making a decision, I find myself locking myself inside my room and for no reason I start cleaning it. When I tried to rationalize this habit of mine, I reached 2 opposing conclusions.

I’m either trying to escape my fate (that is making the decision) and so, I deceive myself and extend the time given to make a decision (Just like when you have a midterm plus few small assignments. In an attempt to escape studying for the midterm, some would spend more than enough time on the small assignments and leave studying for the midterm to the very end. Eventually, fate is faced and you are forced to study for the midterm).

If not, then I must be trying to reach maximum clarity of mind by having everything clean and organized first in my physical surrounding to do some quality thinking.

Do you happen to have some bizarre habit in your daily life?

Friday, December 09, 2005 

Hello..Test test..1 2 3

I wake up at 6am this morning and it's dark and quiet (la ya shai'5!). I put my iPod on, grab my laptop and for no reason, I start creating my own blog.

let's get started...

2 days ago I realized that, boy oh boy,my favorite Arabic news website, Elaph has been blocked, (THANK U beloved KACST! NOW WHAT?) I mean, It's a normal and decent news website with a PG-13 rating! Now, I will feel something is missing every morning since I got used to read it every single day for the last..umm dunno 3 years or so..


Oh well, on a happier note, yesterday was my cheating day. You see, I'm trying to reduce my bodyfat from 17% to reach a single-digit bodyfat zone. (Don't be mislead now, I'm not obese. I'm barely 70kg now but I'm targeting to reach 72kg -75kg with 7%-8% bodyfat) So, I'm working out, doing cardio and eating all kinda tasteless food 5 times a day and 6 days a week and Thursday (yesterday) is my cheating day in which I can indulge my taste buds with whatever I please. So, I'm in the gym doing my last set of legs squat and all I'm thinking " no no mandi..noooooooo u idiotic imbecile FRIDAY'S..YES..That's it!"

So, despite the fact that almost all roads to Friday's were blocked by the beloved police dudes on their 4X4s and motorcycles plus check points everywhere (people living Jeddah know what I'm talking about), our hero (Moi) managed to reach Friday's!

I had one order of Chicken Fingers and, not 1, but 2 OREO MADNESS!

Well..This picture shows the aftermath...

Yah, I just finished reading part 1 of Turki Al-7amad's trio named Al-3adama. Now I'm almost halfway part 2 (Al-Shmaisi). For those of you who don't know, this dude's books are banned basically because the ultra-conservative elite are so concerned that Turki's "filthy, indecent, vulgar and shameless" books would spoil and ruin the cohesive building blocks of our holy virgin society....

hmph..freakin' morons..

before Turki's trio, I managed to get and read the newly published novel named "Banat Al-Riyadh" by Rajaa Al-Sani3. Way to go gurl! Your novel is just amazing period

Hey, never mind me but, I'm not familiar with Blogger-ing etiquette. Am I supposed to introduce myself to fellow Bloggers in my 1st post? Ok..Here I go. The name is Abdullah (duh) graduated back in June 2004 from KFUPM. Majored in finance and currently working as a financial analyst for P&G. This will do for now I guess.

Well fellow Bloggers, I guess that's was long enough for a 1st post. Next time I will be talking about Chinese Signs (Yes, I'm an astrologist***)